a production by Oakleaf Streetshow

…a life-size and participatory chessboard in the intertwining of action, installation and digital – be in the middle of it!

Chaturanga thematizes our experience during the pandemic with multimedia installations and theatrical interventions. On a giant chessboard, participants can access digital contributions with their smartphones, experience actions and special atmospheres. They are invited to enter into their own sensual engagement with the subject matter and become actors themselves.

The visitors move from one field to the next in the life-size playing field according to their role. From afar, they see the king and queen on large chairs towering above them all, turning the dice again and again. Towers tower up at the four corners of the playing field. In between, the knight skips nimbly around, and joking and laughing, the jesters ride across the field in their chairs, telling their life stories to one and another along the way. In addition to performative actions, visitors operate installations and contribute to cross-field dynamics through their choices. QR codes installed in some fields lead them into different thematic worlds by means of their own mobile phones. Different people narrate and clarify their experiences, convictions or knowledge in digital contributions. 

… and this is where you come in:

Share your thoughts and experiences with us and you will become part of this great participatory event. We will anonymously incorporate your answers to impulse questions, your photos and audios into our digital contributions, so that they flow together in a large pool of the most diverse perspectives.

We are interested in your stories!